Resident by Investment

Citizenship and Resident by Investment programs are an effective method to attract capital investment and attract talent and experience, which all help regional economic progress. However, any significant inflow of cash brings a risk of money laundering or financial impropriety. Closer scrutiny of the investment migration sector has led to a recommendation by civil society and regulators to implement effective enhanced due diligence processes so that only reputable and honest investors are allowed to obtain citizenship.

KDD’s Enhanced Due Diligence Immigration and Citizenship report provide a comprehensive and detailed background check on any individual, regardless of location. KDD carries all the background checks internally and through external parties to protect the integrity of the citizenship by Investment program. KDD’s Enhanced Due Diligence Citizenship and Immigration report provide insight into:

Source of Wealth Assessment

Our dedication to transparency and precision is paramount in the source of wealth assessment process. We meticulously collect and present information across various key categories, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s financial background. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of these categories:

Annual Income: We delve into an individual’s earnings, exploring the different sources and streams of income, such as salary, dividends, bonuses, or any other regular financial inflows. This provides insights into their financial stability and earning potential.

Cash Savings and Mobile Assets: Beyond income, we examine an individual’s liquidity and mobile assets, which may include cash reserves, investments in portable assets like vehicles, luxury items, or other movable possessions. Understanding these assets helps gauge their available financial resources.

Investments: This category encompasses a wide range of financial holdings, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate investments, and more. We scrutinize the nature and extent of these investments to assess their impact on an individual’s overall financial standing.

Real Estate and Residential Properties: Property ownership and real estate holdings play a significant role in wealth assessment. We meticulously document residential properties, commercial real estate, and any real estate investments, evaluating their market value and influence on an individual’s wealth.

Inheritance: Knowledge about any inherited wealth or assets is vital in understanding an individual’s financial history. We investigate any inheritance, be it in the form of property, investments, or other assets, and its impact on their current financial situation.

Bank Accounts: We explore an individual’s banking relationships, including the number and types of accounts held, their balances, and transaction history. This information provides insights into their cash flow management and banking activities.

Business Assets: For individuals involved in entrepreneurial ventures or business ownership, we assess the value and nature of their business assets, which may include stakes in companies, intellectual property, or other business-related holdings.

Net Worth: Net worth is a fundamental metric in wealth assessment. We calculate it by subtracting an individual’s liabilities from their assets, giving a snapshot of their overall financial health. This figure is critical in gauging financial stability and long-term wealth-building potential.

By meticulously gathering data in these eight crucial categories, we aim to offer a comprehensive and accurate portrayal of an individual’s source of wealth. This holistic approach allows for a more in-depth understanding of their financial profile and ensures that our assessments are thorough and dependable.

Source Inquiries

In our source inquiries, we dedicate meticulous effort to provide comprehensive and accurate information in three vital areas:

  1. Personal Information: We collect and furnish detailed data on an individual’s personal background, encompassing their name, birthdate, gender, nationality, contact information, educational and professional history, and relevant skills.
  2. Family Background: We explore the individual’s family context by documenting family members’ names, relationships, occupations, educational backgrounds, and notable achievements, offering insights into their upbringing and support system.
  3. Family Background Income: We delve into the financial aspect by analyzing the sources of income, including employment and investments, while also assessing the family’s income levels and financial stability over time.

Our commitment to accuracy is unwavering, employing a rigorous research methodology using reliable sources and interviews when necessary to provide clients with comprehensive insights for informed decisions.

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