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We prioritize timely and punctual delivery for authentic outcomes that satisfy our clients.

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Welcome to Kanata Due Diligence

Your trusted partner in comprehensive commercial and business investigation and due diligence services. At KDD, we are committed to ensuring Risk Compliance and Governance through meticulous analysis and insights provided by our team of highly qualified analysts and experts. Operating across multiple countries such as

Afghanista, Pakistan, Iraq(Include KRG), Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Sweden, Indonesia, GCC Countries.
We specialize in delivering a complete range of services that empower you with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.


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KDD Due Diligence Services

Identity Check

Verify claims against objective reality by authenticating personal documents like Passports, IDs, Birth certificates, and more.

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Asset Searching

Our on-ground team locates secured assets, providing insights into property ownership and other valuable possessions.

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Education Verification

Ensure education claims with direct verification from issuing authorities, including proof of degrees and professional licenses.

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Background Checks

Uncover a person’s reputation, affiliations, and financial standing through comprehensive background checks.

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Bankruptcy Checks

Gain insights into candidates' financial situations and character through detailed case information.

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Kanata Due Diligence is committed to elevating due diligence practices through enhanced services.

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Our Process

By following these four steps, we aim to provide a streamlined and secure process for our clients from initial contact to the delivery of their requested services or documents.

We provide services in the following languages: Kurdish, Arabic, English, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Swedish, Germany and French.

Client Contact

The client initiates the process by contacting us through the designated section on our website. This can include a contact form, email, or a dedicated customer support channel.


Submission & Payment

The client submit their request through our secure online platform. Filling out a form, providing necessary details, selecting the desired service. And makes the payment.


Document Processing

This involves reviewing the submitted information and preparing the necessary documents as per the client's requests. We ensures the security of the client's data throughout this process.


Secure Uploading

After document processing, the client securely uploads any additional required files or information. We continue to ensure the security of the client's data during this phase.


KDD Worldwide Presence

KDD provides comprehensive coverage in the following countries:

Afghanista, Pakistan, Iraq(Include KRG), Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Sweden, Indonesia, GCC Countries.

Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG)
Saudi Arabia